Neal Walters, BizTalk Consultant available


Neal Walters,BizTalk Consultant, is currently available for a new contract (October 2014).  He just completed a two and a half year project for QT Technologies in Dallas, Texas. He has over 33 years experience in Information Technology (IT).

QT provides technology to fuel commercial and general aviation. Neal worked with data flows (feeds) from two major airlines, and a third party airline feed vendor (OAG), receiving and processing over a million data records per day.  During his time with QT, the company grew from 3 to 49 airports, and from several hundred to several thousand flights per day.

QT uses BizTalk as their integration strategy.  BizTalk is Microsoft’s integration server and platform, capable of performing business to business (B2B) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).  BizTalk is primarily used to process the incoming feeds and send the data to a SQL database via SQL stored procedures.

BizTalk was also used to create numerous extracts that were “spun off” to various airports, airlines, and fueling providers during the night.  The data reflects the fuelings at each airport, and the data is used for billing and reconciliation of the fuel.  Large planes have thousands of gallons of fuel loaded on them, so the cost of fuel is a significant part of every flight.




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